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KT Training was developed to provide medical aesthetic training to all medical specialties that are qualified to provide the treatments. To date we provide training to Surgeons, Doctors, General Practitioners, Dermatologists, other medical specialties, dentists, nurses and dental hygienists. While some specialties such as surgeons, dentists and dermatologists possess transferrable skills which may fast track their success in this business, all specialties need at least a full day training to understand the complexity of the industry and enhancement patient’s demands even plastic surgeon.

Medical Professionals do not gain any advantage when trained by a colleague or someone of the same background. This is an aggressive private industry s with little similarities to medicine and the training that is required to achieve success must include two components: stellar technical training by experts who are successful in non-surgical medicine and precise and focused business solutions provided by experts in the field.

KT Training is the innovator in both areas mentioned. Please review what we deliver to the individual specialties.